The Norkring network

The transmitter park of Norkring België consists out of 23 transmitter masts in Flanders and Brussels.

Out of these, we own 10 transmitter masts, with heights ranging from 81 metres up to 300 metres. You can find our masts in Antwerp – Attenrode Wever – Brussegem – Brussels – Egem – Genk – Oostvleteren – Schoten – Sint-Pieters-Leeuw – Veltem. Besides that, Norkring rents space to place aerials on 13 other locations.

A transmitter mast is a high construction that is used to fix aerials. These aerials are used for the transmission of television, radio, telephone or other signals.

For long wave and medium wave transmitters, the (metal) mast is often used as an aerial itself, or several masts are used to hang up the aerial in between. Our masts can be subdivided as follows:

Mast is support of aerials :

° Self-supporting masts: Veltem, Schoten, Oostvleteren and Genk
° Guyed masts: Egem and Veltem
° Concrete masts: Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Attenrode Wever and Brussegem

Mast on top of a building :

° Mast on building: Brussels and Antwerp

The type of construction depended on the location, the building licence and several other external parameters.

Norkring België keeps investing in the innovation, expansion and maintenance of this infrastructure. This way, we want to offer our partners the utmost qualitative infrastructure and services, so they can also guarantee the viewers and/or listeners in Flanders and Brussels the highest quality.